Kenya OPGW-12B4-226 [93.8;496.1] Price from Manufacturer in China
Release time: 2024-02-01

Kenya OPGW-12B4-226 [93.8;496.1] Price from Manufacturer in China

Cable Type: OPGW-12B4-226 [93.8;496.1]
Power Line Fiber Optic Cable Types:
Such cable (OPGW ADSS OPPC ) combines the functions of grounding and communications.
OPGW: Dual performance of ground wires with communication capabilities.  
OPPC: Dual performance functions of phase conductors with communication capabilities.  
ADSS: Non-metallic self-supporting optical fiber cables directly between two power towers.  
OPLC: Optical fiber composite insulated power cable for low voltages is a new type of optical fiber composite cable for low-voltage power lines

OPGW-12B4-226 Structure

Structure   Material No Material No. Material Dia.
Fiber G.655 OPGW 12      
Center 40%AS wire 1     Diameter 4.00 mm
Layer1 40%AS wire 5     Diameter 4.00 mm
  SUS Tube 1 Fibers(all tube) 12 Tube-Dia. 3.90 mm
Layer2 AA wire 12     Diameter 4.00 mm

OPGW-12B4-226 Technical Data

Technical Data
According to IEC, IEEE standards
stranding direction of outer layer is right hand(Z-stranding)
Cable Diameter 20.00    mm
Cable Weight 794.0     kg/km
Supporting Cross Section 226.19   mm2
Section of AS W ire                                 75.40 mm2
Section of AA Wire                               150.80 mm2
Rate Tensile Strength (RTS) 93.50    kN
Modulus of Elasticity (E-Modulus) 79.7     kN/mm2
Thermal Elongation Coefficient 19.6     × 10-6/C
Permissible Maximum Working Stress (40% RTS)                                                     165.3     N/mm2
Everyday Stress  (EDS) ( 18%~25% RTS)                                                                   74 4    ~ 103 3    N/mm2
Ultimate Exceptional Stress (70% RTS) 289.4    N/mm2
DC Resistance 0.164    Ω/km
Short Time Current (0.5s, 20C~200C) 31.5      kA
Short Time Current Capacity  I2t 496. 1     kA2S
Minimum Bending Radius:  Installation: 400      mm
Oprating: 300      mm
Temperature   Range: Installation - 10C ~ +50 C
Transportation and Operation -40C ~ +80 C

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