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OPGW Optical Fiber Composite Ground Wire

OPGW Optical Fiber Composite Ground Wire

Fiber Type: G652D; G655C; 657A1; 50/125; 62.5/125; OM3; OM4 As Options; Core Types: opgw 12 24 36 48 70 96 144 fiber; Cable Opgw 24 Fibras Single Mode;OPGW Multimode Fiber Optical Cable; Send E-mail for Price List
OPGW cable at China Factory Prices
Uni-fiber cable provides optical fiber cables for power systems, opgw optical cables and all-dielectric self-supporting optical cables ADSS cable. Get an optimized fiber cable solution for your outdoor optical network. OPGW cable (Optical Ground Wire) is a kind of cable that is used in the overhead transmission and distribution lines. Generally, the OPGW cables are used in the highest point of the overhead transmission lines' towers. Optical Cable is mainly used in communication line of newly constructed high voltage transmit electricity system with 35 KV or above, or replacement of existing ground wire of previous overhead high voltage transmit electricity system.
OPGW cable components
  1. 1.Steel or aluminum central tube
  2. 2.Optical Fiber
  3. 3.Cable sheath that consists of one or more layers of sheath wires

OPGW fiber optic cable types
1. Central Stainless Steel Loose Tube OPGW Wire (Center SST OPGW Wire Cable) 2. Aluminium Covered/Clad PBT Tube OPGW Wire
3. Central/Center Aluminium-Clad Stainless Steel Tube OPGW Wire(AL Clad SST OPGW Wire Cable) 4. Stranded Stainless Steel Tube OPGW Wire(Stranding SST OPGW Wire Cable)
Know more about OPGW cable
OPGW cable consists of one or more aluminum or steel tubes containing a certain number of optical fibers and aluminum-coated steel wires used in the first layer of the cable and in the other layers of aluminum, steel, aluminum alloy wires or a combination of Them, that are used based on the required electrical and mechanical specifications. The number of optical fibers used in the tubes varies and depending on the need and type of cable, one fiber can be used and reach 12, 24, 48 numbers or even higher.
In the design and production of OPGW cables, single-mode and multi-mode fibers can be used.
Single-mode fibers are used for distances of more than one kilometer with high bandwidth and Multi-mode fibers are used for distances of less than one kilometer with lower bandwidth.
Conductor opgw are similar to ACSR conductors' appearance or shield wires, and have replaced guard wires in older transmission and distribution lines; In the design of new transmission lines, Cables De Guarda OPGW are also used as products with both protective and transmitter applications.
OPGW cable applications 
Conductor opgw is used in transmission and distribution lines for two reasons:
1. Protection of phase lines containing electric current (power transmission conductors in overhead lines) against short circuit currents and lightning and lightning currents; consequently, transfer them to the land through transmission towers.
2. Transmission of information, audio and video data using optical fibers.

Overhead transmission lines are exposed to environment issues like thunder and lightning or storm, etc. so they might face problems. Due to the high height of the transmission towers, the probability of lightning and thunderstorms hitting them is high, so after the lightning strikes the transmission system, by creating a suitable path for the flow, to prevent problems and disruption of the system. This is where the importance of opgw ground wire comes into play. One of their main applications is to protect the transmission system from environmental factors and earthing instantaneous currents and transmit them to ground through transmission towers.
OPGW cables' advantages and features
The transmission of optical fibers through overhead transmission towers has many advantages over underground optical fiber cables. For example, we can mention the much lower cost of overhead installation of each kilometer of these cables compared to underground cables, reduction of damage to the cable due to excavations, the possibility of expanding the routes, etc.
Also, due to the dual purpose of OPGW cable, in addition to protecting phase lines containing electrical current against short circuits and lightning, the power and capability of optical fibers in the transmission of audio and video data can be used in some places where the transmission of optical fiber through underground cables has a high cost (such as mountainous areas, etc.) to reduce the cost of these projects.
Structure parameters OPGW Technical parameter table
S/N Product code Structure form of the optical cable The largest core number of the fiber (core) Sectional area of aluminum clad steel (mnr) Outer diameter (mm) Mass of unit length (kg/km) Rated breaking force (kN) 20X DC resistance (Q/km) 40-2001 permitted short- circuit current capacity
1 OPGW-24B1-40(51;9) 6/3.0/20ASoptical unit1/3.0 24 ≈40 9.0 304 51 2.10 9
2 OPGW-36B1 -50 (58; 11.5) 6/3.2/20ASoptical unit1/3.2 36 ≈50 9.6 345 58 1.82 11.5
3 OPGW-36B1-60 (70;17.5) 6/3.6/20ASoptical unit .3.6 36 ≈60 10.8 432 70 1.41 17.5
4 OPGW-48B1-70 (77;24) 6/3.8/20ASoptical unit Z3.8 48 ≈70 11.4 475 77 1.30 24
5 OPGW-48B-70 (42;38) 6/3.8/40ASoptical unit/3.8 48 ≈70 11.4 340 42 0.70 38
6 OPGW-48B1-80 (86;29.2) 6/4.1/20ASoptical unit1/4.1 48 ≈80 12.3 558 86 1.09 29.2
7 OPGW-48B1-80 (49;45.0) 6/4.1/40ASoptical unit1/4.1 48 ≈80 12.3 401 49 0.55 45
8 OPGW-24B1-90 (109;35.5) 1 /2.5/20AS+5/2.5/20AS+12/2.5/20AS.optical unit1/2.5 24 ≈90 12.5 606 109 0.98 35.5
9 OPGW-48B1-90 (112;45) 1/2.6/20AS+4/2.5/20AS+11/2.8/20AS.optical unit2/2.5 48 ≈90 13.2 641 112 0.98 45
10 OPGW-24B1-100 (118;50) 1/2.6/20AS+5/2.5/20AS+11/2.8/20AS.optical unit/2.5 24 ≈100 13.2 674 118 0.93 50
11 OPGW-48B1-100 (121;45) 1 Z2.5/20AS+4/2.4/20AS+10/3.1/20AS.optical unit2/2.4 48 ≈100 13.5 688 121 0.88 45
12 OPGW-24B1-110 (133;63) 1 /2.6/20AS+5/2.5/20AS+10/3.2/20AS.optical unit1/2.5 24 ≈110 14.0 760 133 0.83 63
13 OPGW-48B1-110(133;58.2) 1/2.6/20AS+4/2.6/20AS+10/3.3/20AS.optical unit2/2.6 48 ≈110 14.4 783 133 0.77 58.2
14 OPGW-36B1 -120(145;73) 1/3.0/20AS+5/2.9/20AS+12/2.9/20AS.optical unit1/2.8 36 ≈120 14.6 820 145 0.77 73
15 OPGW-36B1 -120(74;110) 1/3.0/40AS+5/2.9/40AS+12/2.9/40 AS.optical unit/2.8 36 ≈120 14.6 582 74 0.42 110
16 OPGW-72B1 -120(147;76) 1/3.0/20AS+4/3.0/20AS+12/3.0/20AS.optical unit2/2.9 72 ≈1120 15.2 832 147 0.76 76
17 OPGW-36B1 -130(155;85) 1/3.2/20AS+5/3/0/20AS+12/3.0/20AS.optical unit1/2.9 36 ≈130 15.2 879 155 0.72 85
18 OPGW-36B1 -130(79; 137) 1/3.2/40AS+5/3.0/40AS+12/3.0/40 AS.optical unit/2.9 36 ≈1130 15.2 624 79 0.40 137
19 OPGW-36B1-140(175; 100) 1/3.3/20AS+5/3.2/20AS+12/3.2/20AS.optical unit1/3.1 36 ≈1140 16.1 995 175 0.65 100
20 OPGW-48B1-150(182; 123) 1/3.4/20AS+5/3.3/20AS+12/3.3/20AS.optical unit1/3.2 48 ≈1150 16.6 1055 182 0.60 123
21 OPGW-48B1T 50(95; 195) 1/3.4/40AS+5/3.3/40AS+12/3.3/40AS.optical unit/3.2 48 ≈1150 16.6 747 95 0.33 195
22 OPGW-72B1 -150(172; 110) 1/3.4/20AS+4/3.3/20AS+12/3.3/20AS.optical unit2/3.2 72 ≈1150 16.6 998 172 0.64 110
23 OPGW-48B1 -170(198; 150) 1/3.6/20AS+5/3.5/20AS+12/3.5/20AS.optical unit1/3.4 48 ≈1170 17.6 1190 198 0.54 150
24 OPGW-72B1 -170(199; 156) 1/3.8/20AS+4/3.6/20AS+12/3.6/20AS.optical unit2/3.5 72 ≈1170 18.2 1187 199 0.54 156
25 OPGW-48B1-180(211;175) 1/3.8/20AS+5/3.6/20AS+2/3.6/20AS.optical unit/3.5 48 ≈1180 18.2 1255 211 0.50 175
26 OPGW-48B1 -180(113;262) 1/3.8/40AS+5/3.6/40AS+12/3.6/40AS.optical unit/3.5 48 ≈1180 18.2 888 113 0.28 262
The above parameters of the optical cable are only for the reference of the project units and the Design Institute, different manufacturers have different production process and calculation method, which would have a slight impact on the parameters.
The number of fiber in the above cable parameters is the maximum number of the fiber contained by this structure, and the model of the fiber can be B1, B4 or B1+B4 (B1:G.652; B4:G.655).
Only when the outer layer is made of aluminum clad steel (20.3 % IACSI~the diameter is not less than 3.2mm, 40 % lACSI-the diameter is not less than 3.2mm), the lightning resistance can be accepted as the minimum guaranteed value in accordance with 150C.

Unifibercable offers a complete portfolio of fiber optic cable, supporting hardware and compression accessories that are designed to meet the most demanding transmission and distribution environments. As the leading world manufacturer of fiber optic cable, Unifibercable is uniquely positioned to provide a full line of all-dielectric self-supporting (ADSS) aerial cables and Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) as well as supporting hardware and accessories.  Please contact us to discuss your application, specific project requirements and opgw cable price 

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